Gabrielle Odinis

Gabrielle Odinis, born on the 25th of April in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, in a musical family. She grew up with three languages (Lithuanian, French and German) and therefore speaks them all fluently and without an accent.

Gabrielle was professionally trained as an actor in three countries (Germany, Lithuania and USA). Immediately after academically completing high school, she received a scholarship for the State Conservatory of Music, Theatre & Dance in Vilnius (Lithuania).

Gabrielle received leading roles in various theater and film projects in Lithuania, even during her studies at the academy. A.o. the film by Vidas Rashinskas "Wooden staircase" acquired international success and was shown at film festivals in Venice, Toronto, Los Angeles and Cottbus. In the movie "Pakten", she plays on the side of Robert Mitchum, Erland Josephson and Cliff Robertson. Gabrielle entertained a close friendship with Robert Mitchum until his death. The film "Pakten" brought her back to Germany.

In Berlin, she acquired her german acting degree from the "German Theater of Berlin". Resultant to her evaluation of the "Practical Testing Commission" ("Paritätische Prüfungskomission"), she is awarded a scholarship for the "Hollywood acting workshop" by the Film Foundation of NRW (Nordrhein-Westfalen). She spent two months in Los Angeles. After returning to Germany, she started performing at theaters in Germany and attends classes for psychology in Cologne at the same time. Since 1995, Gabrielle Odinis has regularly been seen in the various Movies and TV roles.

Gabrielle's most prolific performences include; the feature film "Pakten", with Robert Mitchum where she plays the young pregnant woman Mrs. Becker, the Oscar winning film "Nowhere in Africa" where she embodys the role of the maid Clara and the ZDF Hit-TV-Series "Girlfriends" whereby she played the strict but sexy executive secretary "Alexa Hofer" and thus became more nationally known.
Last but not least, the comedy series "Mensch Markus", where she was a regular cast member in 2003, won the "German Comedy Award" in the same year.

Gabrielle Odinis lives in Munich Germany and is also active as a coach for Personal development & Acting.

For more information about Gabrielle's current work as an actress see "Resume".